We perform high quality polishing of pieces (Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium and Titanium).

Highly qualified Professionals performing a precise, meticulous and highly skilled work ensure the highest possible level as aesthetic finish.

More than Polishing at Ysium we carry out the Art to Polish.


Before the anodization, the pieces could be submitted to a pre-treatment process, though a projection of different types of abrasives (sand-blasting).

Our anodization is achieved by different steps of manual diving’s in different baths.

Ysium’s anodization could be done in almost every colour, being the most usual the black, golden and colourless anodization.

After anodization, we can guarantee very tight tolerances, such is H6.


Our painting service is handmade, piece by piece in an acclimatized room, adapted to the effect.

Is done carefully to guarantee that every detailed is precisely painted.

Every painted piece is very demanding in the esthetical finishing, so they are submitted to a very strict and meticulous quality control.